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You have for many levels of this free online game get every corner of the huge private warehouse where birds and kept locked. To break the cells, it is necessary to catapult one of the evil birds, trying to break down cardboard boxes and other items, which are located on top of these cells. If you fall on the floor going strong deformation of cells, and forest birds Rio can get to freedom.

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Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds flew to Rio to help their feathered friends. After terrible happened here! The poachers caught all rare birds in the forests and planted in small cages. They want to take away the birds in the distant country of their native lands, there to sell them or keep in captivity. But fearlessly team Angry Birds will not allow such mockery birds! Not sparing themselves, they must vacate their brethren, so that they could return to their native forests to their families. Play for free in this funny online game right now!

How to play Angry Birds Rio Game Online:

Game control is carried out using the mouse.