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King Pig Character
In all Angry Birds games, except Space episodes, King Pig sitting in a variety of mechanisms, and is constantly in motion, making it difficult to eliminate it. Shots Hit some birds are not sufficient, requires throwing meteorites for additional damage.

First Level: Theme 3-21
Strength: Strong or Invincible
Size: Fat

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King Pig

King Pig

King Pig – is the main boss character in the Angry Birds game. Recognized as the leader of all the pigs, which he uses in the kidnapping of bird eggs. Usually, the King pig appears at the end of the episode, at least in the middle. At the end of each episode of King Pig suffering another setback, gets a lot of injuries from birds. However, it is seen winking left eye – an indication that he still survived.

King Pig kill is not so easy, because once he dies only on a very strong direct hit. It can directly destroy egg-bomb of White Bird or Black Birds explosion.