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Rolling Angry Birds

Rolling Angry Birds

In the Rolling Angry Birds flash game, you will get red roses for his beloved birds. The only way you will be able to prove its seriousness and get heart of his beloved. But not so easy as it seems. In order to reach the desired heart, you need to balance on a dangerous swing by pressing the right / left. To complete the game Angry Birds must get to the heart, the number of points accrued will depend on quantity of flowers. At some levels, the game will be locked at the heart of the castle. In them must first get to the key and after and to the heart. As well in many missions you will meet spikes, hurting for you immediately need to pop. And of course, the most important thing is not to fall into the abyss or not fly beyond of the game screen.

How to play Rolling Angry Birds Game Online:

To play Rolling Angry Birds game use the keyboard arrows to the right and left.